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Are you ever tired not knowing what your child wants from you? We certainly are! Duux presents the state-of-the-art Baby Translator. Sounds a bit too promising you say? No need to worry: it does exactly what it's meant to do and even more!

Babies tend to be a bit clamorous from time to time. It's because they are rather conscious of their surroundings and well-being while, frequenty, bringing you status reports. However, their undeveloped vocal cords prevent them from succesfully communicating with you. A real bummer if you ask us. Let's give Mother Nature a helping hand! The Duux Baby Translator records any jibber jabber your newborn makes.

Based on millions of pre-recorded samples, it knows exactly what your baby's needs are. Thanks to its integrated Text-to-Speech generator, it produces a sentence in a language you can understand. Don't worry about any background noise. The Duux Baby Translator comes with additional filters so it won't try to decypher barking dogs or squeeking doors for example.

Like Mark Twain once said: 'I just don't understand these darn kids.' We fully agree Mark, but we are also quite happy this is a thing of the past. Order your Baby Translator now!.