The elegant, self- regulating humidifier

Dutch design

Ensuring healthy air in your living room is not Ovi’s only feature – it looks great too. With its playful oval shape and striking wood-laminated legs, Ovi is a humidifier that shouldn’t be hidden away.

Meet Ovi

As autumn and winter descend upon us, it’s time to turn up the central heating. Time to create a cosy home, nice and pleasantly warm. But the dry air in your home can lead to colds and fatigue. It can even affect your concentration. Ovi is the solution: this cold-water vaporiser creates the humidity you need in a natural way. That will surely get you through those long winter days!

How Ovi works

The fan blows air through the wet filter, causing the water to evaporate naturally and minimizing the risk of excess humidification. If you want, just add a few drops of aroma for a pleasant fragrance.

Voilà, enjoy healthy air in no time!

Easy to top-up the water

Filling Ovi is just as easy as watering your plants. In fact, it’s exactly the same process. Simply pour water on top of the device to refill. No need to remove the reservoir, and no need to walk back and forth to the tap.

Replaceable water filter

Ovi only blows pure and clean air into your living space. The filter ectively traps lime scale and bacteria. The Ovi always comes with a single water filter as standard that lasts for up to six months.

PET + Nylon material

Captures limescale

Removes bacteria

Functional moodlight

Ovi’s bottom is equipped with functional mood lighting, which turns blue when the water reservoir is filled, and red when it’s almost empty.

Self regulating evaporation

Ovi’s evaporative system uses a filter to draw water out of the reservoir. A fan blowing over the filter let’s the air absorb moisture. The higher the relative humidity (RH), the harder it is to evaporate water from the filter. That’s why Ovi is self-regulating: as humidity increases, Ovi’s water vapor output naturally decreases.

Mist output settings

Suffering from extremely dry air and want to restore humidity levels as fast as possible? No problem. Ovi has two output settings: 100 and 200 ml per hour. This allows you to decide for yourself how fast to humidify the air in your home.

15h continuous

2.5L Water tank

2 mist output

The benefits of humidification

For many people, a dry indoor climate due to low humidity causes a variety of discomforts: from increased risk of colds and flu to dry skin. Especially in cold winter months, humidity levels can drop below 30% which makes it easier for viruses and bacteria to survive. Duux humidifiers add moisture back into the air to achieve a relative humidity of between 40 percent and 60 percent. Wood furniture, floors, pets and indore plants will also benefit in this range.


Size – 307x258x337 mm
Rated power – 6-19w
Water tank capacity – 2L
Replaceable water filter
Adjustable mist output control
LED indicator for water refill
Easy top fill

Self regulating evaporation
Auto shut down
Bottom LED mood light
Effective area – up to 30m²
Max. mist output – 200ml/h
Max. operation time – 10h

Seperately available

Nylon+PET filter

Can’t wait to try out Ovi? See how it gets unboxed.