Your personal air humidifier

Personal comfort

Sphere makes any room look stylish and makes sure your personal space is provided with optimum humidity. This compact elegant humidifier is perfect for smaller areas and can even travel with you when you switch rooms.

How Sphere works

Sphere contains a small metal plate that vibrates at ultrasonic frequency. These ultrasonic sounds are inaudible by humans, but they’re capable of breaking water particles in the reservoir apart into cool vapor. Sphere then emits fine mist into the air, instantaneously distributing humidity throughout the room.

Instant mist

The ultrasonic technology produces cold mist in just a matter of seconds. The humidifying technique is highly energy efficient and whisper quiet. It uses up to 80% less power than traditional steam humidifiers.



Empty tank warning

When Sphere’s running out of water, the nightlight starts blinking so you know exactly when it’s time to top it up. The auto shutdown protection makes sure it doesn’t run dry.

Ease of use

Sphere can controlled with the illuminated control panel on top of the device. The timer and interval modes are ideal for nighttime use and extend the run time on a full water tank.

Lights on

The additional nightlight sets a mystic mood and creates extra convenience during the evening and night. The nightlight uses energy-efficient LEDs and can be controlled separately.

The benefits of humidification

For many people, a dry indoor climate due to low humidity causes a variety of discomforts: from increased risk of colds and flu to dry skin. Especially in cold winter months, humidity levels can drop below 30% which makes it easier for viruses and bacteria to survive. Duux humidifiers add moisture back into the air to achieve a relative humidity of between 40 percent and 60 percent. Wood furniture, floors, pets and indore plants will also benefit in this range.


Large water tank
Ultrasonic mist
LED mood light
Suitable for aromatherapy
Auto shutdown
Timer functions
Low power consumption
Whisper quiet operation

Weight: 1.0Kg
Power consumtion: 15W
Water tank capacity: 1L
Effective area: 15m2
Mist output: 130ml/h
Max. operation time: 8h

Seperately available