The instant, cold mist humidifier on legs

Meet Tag

Does the dry air in your home cause stinging eyes, headaches, fatigue or static electricity? Tag blows a mist into your living space, helping you to restore humidity to the required level. Experience the comfort healthy air provides for yourself, even when you’ve got your heating on.

Appealing design

The mist is best absorbed by the ambient air when you place the device on a table or sideboard. And that’s why Tag has such an appealing design. Its stylish wood-laminated legs, its round shape and leather label give it a clean, modern and robust appearance. So why not give it a nice and prominent spot in your living room?

Clean air output

The replaceable cartridge at the bottom of the water reservoir prevents lime scale, both in the device and in the mist. This means the humidifier is easy to maintain and you’ll not be bothered by white deposits as a result of lime scale. And bacteria too are kept at bay by the cartridge.

Capture bacteria

Remove limescale

How Tag works

The fan blows air through the wet filter, causing the water to evaporate naturally and minimizing the risk of excess humidification. If you want, just add a few drops of aroma for a pleasant fragrance. Voilà, enjoy healthy air in no time!

Ten hours without refilling

Its large 2.5-liter water reservoir means Tag just keeps on going – for up to ten hours! But what if the water reservoir is nearly empty? No problem! The light on the bottom automatically turns red, ensuring you know exactly when it’s time to top it up.

Remove bacteria

Capture limescale

Functional moodlight

Tag’s bottom is equipped with functional mood lighting, which turns blue when the water reservoir is filled, and red when it’s almost empty.

The benefits of humidification

For many people, a dry indoor climate due to low humidity causes a variety of discomforts: from increased risk of colds and flu to dry skin. Especially in cold winter months, humidity levels can drop below 30% which makes it easier for viruses and bacteria to survive. Duux humidifiers add moisture back into the air to achieve a relative humidity of between 40 percent and 60 percent. Wood furniture, floors, pets and indore plants will also benefit in this range.

Quiet and energy efficient

The great thing about this humidifier is how quiet it is. The cold mist is created by ultrasonic sound vibrations that are inaudible to the human ear. Another benefit of the ultrasonic technology is that Tag is very energy efficient. It uses up to 80% less power than traditional steam humidifiers.




LED indicator for water refill
Adjustable mist output control
Auto shut down
LED mood light
Ultrasonic mist
Suitable for aromatherapy
Whisper quiet operation
Uses up to 80% less power

Weight: 1.5Kg
Power consumtion: 14-20W
Water tank capacity: 2.5L
Effective area: 30m2
Mist output: 250ml/h
Max. operation time:10h

Seperately available

Anti-calc & antibacterial cartridge